When you leave home to travel for work or for pleasure, you want to know that your precious feline is well cared for. She is your faithful companion and should never lack for care while you are gone. You don’t want to worry about her until you return home. Boarding her at Sweeties Cat House is the ideal solution for you and your beloved pet.

The idea of taking your cat to a boarding facility often fills owners with unease. They worry that the cats will spend their time locked in a cage with no play time or interaction with people. At Sweeties, you can rest assured that your cat will be cared for as if it were our own. Your cat will enjoy more than a place to stay, and it will be given attention and love by a dedicated animal lover.

When choosing a boarding facility, you want a place that will feel like home. It should be top of the line with quality eating, sleeping and playing areas for your cat. Whether you are leaving for one night or for a week or longer, you want to know that your cat will enjoy his stay. Your cat should be comfortable and relaxed until your return.

What Sweeties Offers
When you choose Sweetie’s for your cat’s home away from home, you can be confident that you have picked the right place. What we offer your pet:
  • Security cameras and alarm systems
  • Cat towers that are the same quality as those used in veterinary hospitals and clinics
  • Separate play area for your cat
  • Completely supplied with food, litter or other essentials or you can bring your kitty’s favorite food and we will gladly feed it to him or her
  • Pick-up and delivery available with proper notice
A Home for Your Friend

Sweeties uses the Cat Tower from Mason Company, which provides custom living space for your cat. It offers a unique space with a various heights and more open areas. It also features additional hiding places that cats love when they feel the need to be alone.

This cat apartment offers play areas and living space to make your pet feel at home until you return. It is a pleasant place that your cat is sure to love whether he is playful and friendly or quiet and restrained. It provides a better experience for your pet than a cage or box.

While we provide all food, litter and other essentials for your cat, you can also bring in a special bowl, toy or other item that makes your pet feel safe and secure.

Feel good about leaving your cat in the expert hands of Sweeties Cat House while you are away. Know that your pet will receive the best care in our cat hotel. If you are looking for a cat boarding facility, check out Sweeties. We have the best cat hotel in Riverview, FL and will make your cat feel at home.


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