We understand how important your cat is to you. We want you to feel comfortable with leaving your special friend with us, so we will try to answer your questions here on this page. However, if you have other questions or concerns, contact us by phone or email.

What information do you need on my pet?
We will keep a file with your cat’s name and pertinent information. Let us know if your pet has allergies or any health issues that we should be aware of. Also, tell us if your cat will need medication while you are away.

What should I expect when I board my cat?
Your pet will have a designated cat tower where he or she can play and sleep. There will be regularly scheduled play, feeding and exercise times for your cat.

Is there a chance my cat could catch a disease at your facility?
All of the cats who stay in our boarding facility must be current on shots. They are not allowed to stay if they are brought in sick unless cleared by a veterinarian. We do our utmost to ensure that no disease is brought to our facility to protect all of our clients and their pets.

Can I bring my cat’s food or food bowl?
While we provide all supplies necessary for the care of your cat, you are welcome to bring in any items that you feel your cat needs or would make it more comfortable. This not only includes food and treats, but also toys or blanket.

Can I see where my cat will be staying?
We encourage you to stop in and visit before deciding that Sweeties is the place for your pet. We want you to feel confident that we can provide the best care for your cat while you are away. Feel free to ask questions to put your mind at ease.

What if my cat has special needs?
We can provide care for animals with special health conditions, dietary needs or other restrictions. We work hard to accommodate any special requests that you may have.

Do you pick up my cat or do I have to bring him in?
We provide pick-up and delivery service for the area for your convenience. Please provide a 24-hour notice to ensure availability.

How soon do I need to schedule a reservation?
We request that you give us at least a 24-hour notice, but you can plan much farther in advance. We also do our best to meet last-minute requests if we have the open space.

What kind of security do you have?
We have security cameras in the area where the cats live. We also have an alarm system for the building. Cameras and the alarm system is provided and monitored by ADT and the owner.

What about vet care?
We recommend the same vet that we use for our own cats, but we will also take your cat to its regular vet or clinic if you prefer.


    Make Reservation

    To make a reservation for your cat with Sweeties Cat House, Please fill the form in the contact us page.


    Why Us?

    We focus on cats alone to ensure that your pet receives the attention it deserves and needs.


    Map & Directions

    Please view the map located at the bottom of this page to find directions to Sweeties Cat House.

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